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Spinal Decompression

Spinal Decompression from Chiropractic Associates Inc.

At Chiropractic Associates Inc., we are your personal chiropractor in Middletown, and we provide expert chiropractic care. One of the techniques we use is called spinal decompression. Look at how spinal decompression can help you.


Spinal Decompression Overview

We take great pride in the variety of treatment options that we provide to our patients. We believe in providing these treatment options to allow our patients to tailor their treatment options to meet their needs. One of the treatment options that we provide to our patients is called spinal decompression. It is important for everyone to know how spinal decompression because we might recommend this as a treatment method.

First, the goal of spinal decompression is to increase the amount of space that is present between the vertebrae. Sometimes, our patients experience back pain due to a lack of space between the vertebrae. As a result, the vertebrae rub against each other, leading to irritation, inflammation, and nerve damage. By using spinal decompression, we can restore the space between the vertebrae, alleviating irritation, and inflammation that otherwise leads to pain.

How Does Spinal Decompression Treatment Work?

When someone comes to see us for spinal decompression, a few steps are going to unfold. First, we are going to go over spinal decompression with our patients again, explaining the risks and benefits while answering any questions that our patients have. Then, our patients will lay down on the table. After this, we will use specialized equipment to place a little bit of traction on the back. Then, we will pull, ever so slightly, to increase the amount of space between the vertebrae by just a little bit. We understand that many patients with spinal decompression might be undergoing this procedure for the first time. While our patients might feel a few interesting sensations during the procedure, there should not be any discomfort. Some of our patients might need to return for multiple sessions to complete the treatment process.

We often use spinal decompression in combination with several other chiropractic treatment options. This might include physical therapy, massage therapy, and chiropractic adjustments. Therefore, we invite all our patients to learn more about spinal decompression by reaching out to us. We are here to provide our patients with access to treatment options that minimize side effects and complications.

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At Chiropractic Associates Inc., we are your chiropractor in Middletown. We work hard to provide exceptional chiropractic care to everyone who comes to see us. If you would like to learn more about spinal decompression and other techniques we can use to help you, please give us a call today!

















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