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Personal Injury

Personal injury can be serious, especially if it creates lingering pain for months and years following your accident.  Even the most innocent slip and fall can cause catastrophic injuries to your skeletal and muscular systems.  Luckily, our chiropractic team at Chiropractic Associates, Inc. is here to help.  Located in Middletown, OH, our team is caring and professional.  Below, we have put together some commonly asked questions surrounding personal injury to better help educate our patients.


What Are Common Personal Injuries?

Personal injury can cover a range of different injuries all sustained to the body.  At a chiropractor's office, personal injury usually relates to injuries impacting the soft or hard tissues in the body.  While this can certainly relate to fractures, sprains, and strains to the neck and back, it can also relate to injuries anywhere in the body.  One of the most common personal injuries seen at the chiropractor's office is whiplash.  Further, slips and falls can cause herniated discs and potential nerve damage. 

How Can a Chiropractor Help?

A chiropractor offers a safe and effective alternative to traditional medicine.  Chiropractic care works to restore balance and alignment to the body by putting the muscular and skeletal systems in harmony with one another.  To do this, a chiropractor has several different tools and techniques he or she can use.  These techniques include manual manipulation, physical therapy, heat therapy, medical massage, or stretching and strengthening exercises.  A chiropractor may use just one technique to help alleviate pain from your injury, or may combine several together.  It is important to remember that every patient and injury is unique, and so each person will have a customized treatment plan to help heal personal injury. 

At Chiropractic Associates, Inc. we care about helping our patients who are hurt and suffering.  Personal injuries can be caused by a slip, fall, or an accident at home or on the go.  Not only can a personal injury cause you pain, but it can impact your movement years down the road.  If you are searching for a "chiropractor near me" be sure to contact our professional and caring team at Chiropractic Associates, Inc.  Based out of Middletown, OH, we are here to help.  Call us today at 513-422-7776 to schedule an appointment. 

















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